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German products are very well known in the world and highly valued all over the globe.

German industry is mostly based on german handicraft.

Unfortunately handicraft in its original form is suffering by the overflow and oversupply from the cheaper products and gets more and more underestimated.Four sure this can be seen all over the world and is a general tendency.  
We would like to try to show the beauty and quality of german crafts to the world.As we discuss sustainability on daily basis, why not getting back to natural products such as games made out of wood or ceramics with high quality earthenware without additives?

“Hand-Made in Germany”  products will be our main focus in this webshop supporting small local manufacturers.
We hope you are going to like our shop, please understand that we will update our shop gradually, so please feel free if you wish specific products to be taken into the shop.We are happy to serve you!